Post-graduate training in the osteopathic field reserved for Medical Doctors and Physiotherapists. World leading present in 26 countries founded by Dr. Giovanni Bonfanti D.O.F.


A branch of iTHRUST ACADEMY with focus in the learning for Continuing Professional Development in Osteopathic Manual Therapy for the Health Care professionals.

The Training Courses, in levels, are aimed to Medical Doctors, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and Chiropractors. 

Present in 25 countries

Italy, Spain, Germany, Slovakia, Croatia, Romania, Serbia, Albania, Bosnia and Erzegovina, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Pakistan, India, South Korea, Philippines, United States of America, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Singapore, Mexico, Brasil. Japan


An international network of professional and clinics
where you can find the iTHRUST approach.

The professionals have been trained through the courses of Dr. Giovanni Bonfanti D.O.F. and use the same manipulation techniques.  

We make the osteopathic approach known all over the world and train high-level professionals 


THe ambitious project ICOM GLOBAL EDUCATION that foresees the opening of three Osteopathic Schools in the Balkan, Middle East and Asia reserved for Medical Doctors and Physiotherapists.

The two-year training courses foresee the issue of the Diploma in Osteopathy in agreement with the rules of the WHO - World Health Organization 2010.